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Hannah as a Speaker

Hannah McKeand
"A wholly engaging personality."

Hannah's inspirational story about extending your own limits and potential has some powerful messages for business and everyday life. She is also passionate about raising environmental awareness.

"We listened with rapt attention as Hannah, solo explorer with a track record in Antarctic solo endurance, recounted her experiences and fears as she hauled her sled to the South Pole. Her sense of humour shone through. By the end, you knew that you had been able to step out (a little way at least) with Hannah and experience the huge expanse of the lonely ice shelf and the sky and something of the inner drive needed to take it on successfully."
~ Vodafone Group

Hannah offers an entertaining and inspiring keynote talk with stunning images from the polar environment and footage from her expeditions. She also enjoys after dinner speaking engagements. Her style is natural and engaging with self-effacing humour and her story is highly motivational as she seeks to encourage others to achieve their goals.

"Hannah's particular gift lies in her unique fluency to speak, write and communicate about her adventures. She brings her experiences alive as she describes with clarity, humour and eloquence the dramas she encounters."
~ Gay Crichton-Miller, The Watermill Theatre

Hannah McKeand speaking at the South Pole

For further information or to make a booking contact:

Caroline Rose Management Ltd,
Peter House,
Oxford Street,
M1 5AN

Email: info@caroline-rose.co.uk
Telephone: +44 845 055 8990

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