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Bolivia 2011  [6th May 11]

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On 11th May Hannah will be heading to the Salar di Uyuni in Bolivia with Impossible 2 Possible. The I2P team and five incredible youth ambassadors will be running 250kms across the biggest salt flat on earth. That's approximately a marathon a day for 8 days.

The Salar is a lake which is covered with a crust of salt up to 10 meters thick, strong enough to support vehicular travel. Below the crust lies a lake composed of water, salt, magnesium and over half the world's lithium reserves. Adjacent to the Salar are a series of lakes filled with magnesium, sulfur, manganese, boron, copper and arsenic. At almost 12,000 feet above sea level, the change in atmospheric pressure impacts how matter and chemical reactions behave in this environment, making this a unique opportunity for education.

In partnership with Simon Fraser University and the International Year of Chemistry, i2P will conduct a series of experiments in this remarkable environment that will bring the principles of chemistry alive. These experiments, under the supervision of a chemistry professor that is joining the expedition team, will be broadcast live to participating schools and posted on the i2P website.

To learn more and follow the expedition visit http://impossible2possible.com/bolivia

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