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New Polar Training Company  [30th Oct 12]

Expeditions 365 Polar Training Course - Click for full-size.

Hannah has joined forces with experienced polar guide Carl Alvey to create a new Norway based company Expeditions 365. (www.expeditions365)

The primary purpose of the new company is to deliver the most comprehensive Polar Training course available in the world. The two week courses will be held every spring on the Hardangervidda plateau, one of the few accessible places in the world that can effectively replicate polar conditions. The course will cover all of the skills required to complete an expedition in any of the polar environments in the world including a mini expedition on the plateau.

In addition to the Polar Training courses, Expeditions 365 also provides recreational expedition experiences in their snowy backyard playground. 200 square miles of empty, snowy rolling hills and frozen lakes provide the perfect venue for snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, snowkiting and dogsledding. All of which Expeditions 365 offer to everyone from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. There really is no limit to the fun you can have with Expeditions 365.

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