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USA Polar Training Course 2016  [26th Mar 15]

I'm so excited to report that the Expeditions365 Polar Training Course that I developed in Norway will soon be having it's first run here in the USA. In February 2016 the two week course will run at Turpin Meadow Ranch 1 hour north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on the edge of the Teton Wilderness. For full details drop me an email at hannah@hannahmckeand.com...READ MORE >>

South Pole 2012 - 6th Time Is The Charm  [30th Oct 12]

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Hannah is very excited to be returning to Antarctica once again in November 2012, this year to guide British Toby Selman and Finnish Eero Oura from the Messner Start to the South Pole. This will be the 6th time that Hannah has made the 40-50 day journey from coast to pole and amazingly she is still really looking forward to it....READ MORE >>

New Polar Training Company  [30th Oct 12]

Expeditions 365 Polar Training Course - Click for full-size.

Hannah has joined forces with experienced polar guide Carl Alvey to create a new Norway based company Expeditions 365. (www.expeditions365) The primary purpose of the new company is to deliver the most comprehensive Polar Training course available in the world. The two week courses will be held every spring on the Hardangervidda plateau, one of the few accessible places in the world that can effectively replicate polar conditions. The course will cover all of the skills required to complete a...READ MORE >>

South Pole 2011  [30th Oct 12]

The Scott Memorial cricket match at the South Pole 17th January 2012 - Click for full-size.

On the 3rd January 2012 Hannah and the Polar Vision team Andrew Jensen, Richard Smith and the amazing, severely partially sighted Alan Lock arrived at the South Pole after 38 days skiing from the Filchner Ice shelf. This expedition was Hannah's 5th full journey from the Coast to the South Pole and her 6th pole journey including a shorter two degree trip in 2008. This was her fourth expedition as a guide for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE). "I'm starting to know this part of the ...READ MORE >>

Bolivia 2011  [6th May 11]

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On 11th May Hannah will be heading to the Salar di Uyuni in Bolivia with Impossible 2 Possible. The I2P team and five incredible youth ambassadors will be running 250kms across the biggest salt flat on earth. That's approximately a marathon a day for 8 days. The Salar is a lake which is covered with a crust of salt up to 10 meters thick, strong enough to support vehicular travel. Below the crust lies a lake composed of water, salt, magnesium and over half the world's lithium reserves. Adjacen...READ MORE >>

South Pole 2010-11  [6th May 11]

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This season Hannah guided a single client, Dutchman Wilem ter Horst, on the 690mile route from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. The trip took 46 days with very pleasant Antarctic conditions for the most part. This was Hannah's fifth visit to the South Pole and her fourth full expedition from coast to pole, which is more times than anyone before. "I think I'm getting the hang of it now!" she says....READ MORE >>

South Pole Success 2009-10  [11th Jan 10]

Hannah McKeand - Click for full-size.

After 38 days on the ice Hannah and her ALE client Arnold Witzig reached the South Pole. This was the third time Hannah has successfully made the journey from the coast of Antarctica to the Pole and including guiding a last degree expedition last year her forth visit to the pole station in total. Hannah has now clocked up some 2750 nautical miles of Antarctic sled-hauling, which she says must be getting close to some kind of record in stupidity! The 2009 season delivered some of the best snow...READ MORE >>

Antarctica 2009  [26th Oct 09]

This coming season Hannah will be returning once more to Antarctica as a field guide for ALE (Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions). Hannah and her client Arnold Witzig will be making the long journey from the Mesner Start to the South Pole in around 35-40 days. ...READ MORE >>

Greenland Kite Crossing April 2009  [9th Apr 09]

Training in Norway - Click for full-size.

Hannah is thrilled to be joining Fiona Lyndsay, Ross Cluley and Ronny Finsaas next week for a four week kite crossing of Greenland. Hannah is pretty new to kiting and has spent the last two and a half weeks in Norway getting to grips with the new skill. To find out more about the expedition visit www.greenlands-children.co.uk and watch out here on www.hannahmckeand.com for live dispatches from the ice....READ MORE >>

Back to Antarctica  [2nd Dec 08]

The boys at the North Pole 2006 - Click for full-size.

Hannah is very pleased to announce that at the end of December she will once again be heading down to Antarctica this time to guide David Farley, Michael Bates, Chris Hemmingway, Mark Stewart, Alan Inglis and Alan's son Charles on a 2 degree, 120 mile trip to the South Pole. All the guys except Charles undertook a successful last degree trip to the North Pole in 2006 raising an incredible 1,250,000 for charity....READ MORE >>

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