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Baffin Brand
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Gallery: Solo North Pole Attempt 2008

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Resolute Bay
Operations base at the SOuth Camp Inn
Food preparation
Vacuum packing
The Foreman overseeing preparations
Essential tent decorations
Seing eye to eye
A quick training run with Big Red
An epic voyage just to the start
Pilot Troy McKerrall checking out the weather up north
A few last words to the camera
Flying North
The first sunrise of the year up here
Fuel and gear in the Twin Otter
Twilight landing at Ward Hunt Island
Ward Hunt Island
Packing up Big Red
Happy Hannah raringto go
A last goodbye to the team
Everything frosting up fast at -49c
And she\'s off
Heading North
The blissfully flat first 2 miles across the Ward Hunt Ice Sheet
The flat didn\'t last long
Land of pinks and greys
This was the best terrain I encountered, but still deep, soft snow.
The bulk of the terrain was rubble and big pressure ridges
Near to the crack that ended the expedition
My last sight of Big Red, was devestated to leave him after so much
The Griffon Helicopter of the Goose Bay 444 Squadron who came and picked me up
CFS Alert, home of the world\'s most northerly goldfish
A couple of the fuzzier residents of CFS Alert
A pack of eight Arctic wolves live around the base
They have a particular penchant for leather gloves
Sadly flying south

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