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Gallery: South Pole Solo 2006

Mouse over for caption, click to enlarge.

The Illyshin 76 in Punta Arenas
Hannah & Steve Jones
The Illyshin 76 on the deck at Patriot Hills
Happy Hannah, back at home in Patriot Hills
A well earned drink!
Back amongst good friends
Ronny Finsaas, chef and kite skier extraordinaire
Fran Orio, the hostess with the mostest
Adam Brown, the voice on the end of my sat phone
Dr John Apps and Boris Mihovilivic
Chief Mechanic Chris Jacobs making a cake decoration
My faithful Twin Otter pilot Steve Kaiser
Co-pilot & Engineer, Amy & Brad
Field Guide, David Hamilton and Vison 40th Anniversary Expedition member Bill Straka
Jason de Carteret going loopy-la-la after 10 days in camp
Duncan Chessell - Thinks he\'s funny, but he really isn\'t!
Twin Otter, Patriot Hills
Hercules Inlet
Big sastrugi
Big sastrugi
The big nothing
Huge sastrugi
Very taxing terrain
All neat and tidy for the night
A beautiful day, the Thiel Mountains in the distance
A blowy day coming up to the Thiel Mountains
The Thiel Mountains
Out into nothing, distant nanutuks
A limmerick from a friend
Another doozie!
Heading up
Alone and happy
Onto the polar plateau
Losing weight
A wicked cold snap
600 mile tracks
My first view of the South Pole station
Getting closer...
The new South Pole station
Always a peasure to see the entrants in the Annual Christmas Ice Carving Competition
The 2006 South Pole
A new world record, big smiles
The old South Pole dome base
Inside the old South Pole dome station
Hannah being made an honorary member of the South Pole McMurdo Fire Fighting Team
Steve Kaiser and the Twin Otter to collect me
A packed Twin Otter
Flying back over Patriot Hills
Horseshoe Valley from the top of Patriot Hills

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